Why Woozy?

One of our kids got sick, as they often do, but this particular sickness turned into lengthy hospital visits, countless specialists, and lots of questions with no answers. When we realized the sickness was something going around school, we decided to take sickness communication into our own hands - so we built Woozy.

How we do it

Make a report

Submit an anonymous report to your school or community to help raise awareness


Receive real-time alerts when foods or products your family use become contaminated

Sickness Reports

Track which diseases are currently going around in your school or community


Learn more about the diseases you and your community are reporting in Woozy Labs

Woozy was created by the community, for the community.

Meet the Woozy Team

Co-Founder-Kat Manouchehri

Kat Manouchehri


Co-Founder-Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson


Questions? Email us.

Want to learn more about Woozy or have suggestions for the app? Send us an email!

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